Home and Beauty

We are reputed as one of the best organic health and beauty products store in Australia. We are obsessed with natural products and can’t stand the amount of toxins found in standard beauty products. Before stocking products, we research and do in-depth study on natural ingredients and ensure they are best for our customers. We take care that we invest in the best products that stand true to all the parameters of standard manufacturing process for organic products.

We have beauty products that are free of toxic chemicals and that are vegan. We aim and adhere to strict policies in stocking the best beauty products. At Mountain Health, we believe looking good is a prerogative of every man and woman. Hence, we price our products in a way that is easy for all to buy. If you are fed up searching where to buy beauty products, stop the search, and visit our store or shop online.

Besides helping to keep you looking beautiful, we also help our customers in keeping their homes clean. That too without causing any harm to themselves or their families. You can find chemical free and biodegradable household cleaners. These products carry no harm to your health and are also environment-friendly. If you are looking where to buy NATURAL cleaning products, our shop is the right place. We also ensure that the water you drink at your home is safe and healthy. Our water units and filters are known to reduce fluoride, chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals.

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Some of the brands that we carry include:

  • Warbotanicals – natural skin care and essential oils
  • Wild – natural haircare
  • Alchemy/ Akin – natural skin and haircare
  • dr organic
  • Organic Selection – organic haircare
  • Biologika
  • Bee Natural – natural skincare
  • Only Papaya – skin and haircare for people with skin conditions
  • Herbatint hair colours – with no ammonia
  • Nazeer Henna – hair colours
  • Eco- Sonya – 100% essential oils
  • Aromae aromatherapy – 100% essential oils
  • Abode Natural Household Cleaners
  • Envirocare Natural Shampoos and Conditioners and Natural Household Cleaners
  • Puretec Water filters and units to help remove toxins from our water