Spring has sprung & we hope you enjoy the much needed sunshine!

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Welcome to the world of (NOGO = no garlic or onion) fructose friendly sauces.  

These sauces are packed with flavour and interesting ingredients, they have:

  • NO garlic
  • NO onion
  • NO added gluten
  • NO preservatives

Heres what the creator of NOGO Sauces, Meg had to say about them:

“When I was  diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption + gluten intolerance my life took a turn for the worse.  I was suddenly denied all the flavour enhancing ingredients I used on a daily basis, GARLIC + ONION being at the top of my list. I initially thought flavour was lost to me.  I was devastated, which turned quickly to frustration and then curiosity.  I began to recreate  my favourite sauces without the traditional flavour enhancers used.  Up until this point in my life, I had loved eating out and cooking was a daily pleasure for me.   I’d attended cooking schools in Italy, Thailand, Switzerland, France, Indonesia, Morocco and Australia, always trying to improve my skills.  I refused to let this pleasure be taken away!Through necessity, I started developing some ‘go to’ recipes and sauces that I could enjoy and easily share with friends and family. Then I got to thinking…..Why not develop and sell a high quality, great tasting, fructose friendly sauce range?  I try to use as many local and Australian products as possible.A range that gives people some pantry staples  and treats for everyday cooking. 

Mountain Health is happy to introduce NOGO’s range of fructose friendly sauces.

Lovingly made in the Yarra Valley this delicious range of home style sauces includes pasta sauces, pickles & relish, tomato sauce and chilli peanut sauce. Available in store & from our online shop!


Fodmap Friendly Thai Salad


This light & healthy salad is the perfect lunch on a sunny spring day. It’s quick and easy to make, spicy and full of flavour.  Gluten free it’s also perfect for anyone following a low FODMAP diet. Vegetarians & vegans can substitute chicken for tofu.

Serves 2

For the chicken:

– 4 filleted skinless free range chicken thighs or block of tofu

– Salt and pepper

For the salad

– 1-2 zuchinnis spiralised

– 1 carrot spiralised

– 1/2 cucumber spiralised

– 1 pepper finely sliced

For the dressing

– 1/2 tbsp garlic infused oil

– 2 tbsp peanut butter

– 2 tbsp tamari

– 2 tbsp fresh lime juice

– 1/2 tbsp toasted sesame oil

– 1 tsp grated fresh ginger

– 1 tbsp water (might want another if you like the sauce thinner)


– 2 spring onions (green parts only)

– 1/2 red chilli

– 1 tsp sesame seeds (black or white are fine)

– 1-2 tbsp crushed peanuts

Spiralise/thinly slice the vegetables for the salad.

Season the chicken then pan fry whole until it’s cooked through.

While the chicken is cooking, put all the dressing ingredients in a bowl and whisk together. Pour over the vegetables and toss until completely covered. Slice the chicken once it’s cooked and place on top of the vegetables.

Top with the garnishes and serve!



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